About Me

Hi everyone!

My name is Annabelle and thank you for visiting my page! I have always been passionate about travelling and writing and thought that this would be a great way to combine two of my passions together.  I tend to think I have a passion for travel in my blood as I have been travelling from a very young age.

Phuket Fruit market

My travels have taken me right from the golden sandy beaches in Australia, elephant riding and to ornate palaces and exotic fruit
markets in Thailand, back to my routes in Goa, my mother’s hometown in India, which is a unique blend of Portuguese and Indian cultures, the vast and iconic Great Wall of China, right across to many European cities with its impressive architecture and historic sites depicting the history of the Roman empire and the foundation of the Roman Catholic Church; such as the Colosseum and St Peters Basilica in Rome.

London Bridge

Born in London in 1983 to father Bruce of English descent, and mother, Evelyn of Goan descent, (which is a fusion of Portuguese and Indian), I spent my first five years in London. My sister was born 3 and a half years later, and at the age of six months, my journey commenced with a trip to Malta with my parents. It was to be the first of the family trips to Europe, with trips to Cyprus and Spain to follow.


At the age of 5, my father’s job took us on what was originally meant to be a two year posting in Sydney. We adapted to life in Sydney quite quickly; the sunshine, sand and sea were a great attraction, as was the abundance of fresh seafood and fruit. Two years became four years, after which point, my parents decided to settle in Sydney permanently. Our travels continued; around Australia (Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Tasmania, Coffs Harbour), back to my routes in Goa, my mother’s hometown in India, and later on, to South East Asian destinations such as Singapore.

Clarke Quay

My passion for travel continued during my teenage years and into my twenties and I always envisioned that my career would somehow include a travelling element. I finished high school in 2001 and did a Bachelor of Commerce with an accounting major at the University of Sydney, with the rationale that accounting would open a broad range of career options. My career as an accountant commenced in the travel industry at Stella Travel Services, which continued to fuel my passion for travel. Two years later, I was successful in securing a role at Qantas, where I first considered the option of working abroad-(and made the most of my travel benefits of course!-going to Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, London and Rome).

Great Wall

I left Qantas after five years, and due to personal circumstances,  including my father being diagnosed with terminal cancer, both travel and the idea of working abroad where put on hold for awhile. After my Dad passed away in 2013, I commenced working at Vodafone, and six months later, the idea of working abroad resurfaced after talking to many managers an co workers about their stints in the U.K.

Singapore zoo
Singapore zoo

Holding a British passport, this seemed like the most feasible option. I loved the idea of being able to fly merely two hours and be in a completely different country with completely different weather, language, currency and food. What better way to explore Europe than to work within the region and experience the lifestyle on a long term basis?

So on the 28th of July 2015, accompanied by my mother and sister, I flew to London to embark on my stint in the UK, where I would work in the UK and my journeys in Europe would continue-starting off with an amazing two week Trafalgar Tour-the European Whirl.


Travel broadens your horizons, opens your mind and exposes you to a multitude of different cultures, histories, lifestyles and experience. I have always believed that you learn so much more by travelling than you could in any classroom or from any amount of textbooks. I have certainly learned a lot from this experience and have experienced so many different cultures, languages, customs, foods and lifestyles and I look forward to many more.


Sit back and relax and follow me in my journeys around Europe. I hope that you enjoy reading this and that it inspires you to travel!