The weather is warming up and there’s a bank holiday around the corner! Why not book a mini break to Amsterdam? Here are some reasons why Amsterdam is the perfect weekend getaway:


  1. Its less than one hour’s flight out of London. When you have limited time, such as a long weekend, the last thing you want is a lengthy journey. Amsterdam is a 55 minute flight out of London, making it the perfect place for your bank holiday long weekend. IMG_4051[1]
  2. There are frequent services from a range of airlines out of all airports in London. Don’t want to trek all the way over to Heathrow? On a limited budget? No problem! There’s plenty of flights out of Stansted, London City and Gatwick from a range of airlines, including Ryan Air, Easy Jet and FlyBe. I flew to Amsterdam on FlyBe out of London City and it was a completely seamless trip-with London City Airport being 15 minutes away from home, followed by a mere 55 minute flight. So easy! Click here to book your flight now! IMG_4019[1]
  3. Tulips galore! One of the highlights of a European Spring are the tulips! Do not miss these, they are truly spectacular and the colours of the blossoms in Kuekenhoff are mind blowing and like Aladdin’s magic carpet. It is a truly unique experience and something Holland is famous for. IMG_4125[1]
  4. Enjoy a canal cruise in the evening: What better way to spend an evening than to enjoy a canal cruise as the sun sets? Special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary? Why not book a dinner or cocktail cruise to celebrate? I did the dinner cruise last year with my family and it includes a delicious, traditional Dutch 3 course meal with wines. The cocktail cruise is good too-I did that for my birthday this year and you get two cocktails, a snack platter and unlimited drinks as your boat gently winds itself through Amsterdam’s canals. 11921828_10153708262198083_4750875145965985188_o
  5. Art and culture: If art and culture are your thing, there are plenty of museums and art galleries in Amsterdam, including the Rijks and Van Gogh museum. The Van Gogh museum is interesting and depicts hundreds of paintings in different styles, reflecting his different stages of life and battle with mental illness. The Rijks museum has a range of exhibitions, featuring Dutch history, including navy, the Dutch royal family, the history of fashion, Dutch influence in Indonesia and South Africa. IMG_4195[1]
  6. Public transport and connectivity makes it easy to explore this city. Trams, buses and trains run frequently and are inexpensive. Schipol airport is about 20 minutes from the city centre and is easily accessible by public transport. Buses operate from Schipol airport to Kuekenhoff and it is about a 1 hour journey
  7. Dutch food: Try the delicious Dutch cheeses such as Danish fetta and Edam. There are many speciality cheese shops around Amsterdam. You should also try Danish pastries, profejjes (miniature Dutch pancakes, served with fresh berries and dusted with icing sugar) and Dutch pancakes. Herring is also a delicacy unique to Holland and rostis-a meat and potato bake is a popular main course in Germanic countries and Holland. There are also lots of fresh fruits, berries and juices available-a delicious and fresh treat. 11923276_10153706963248083_8081958270519945091_oIMG_4174[1]
  8. Got a stag or hen’s party weekend? Amsterdam’s famous red light district is the perfect place for it!
  9. Cycling! Cycles are symbolic of Amsterdam. Why not rent a bicycle and explore Amsterdam by bike?  IMG_0863 (1)
  10. Its the home of Anne Frank! The now famous Jewish born German girl who kept a diary of her time in hiding during WW2 before being persecuted in a concentration camp. The Anne Frank museum is a must see! Be sure to book well in advance as queues can be up to 2 hours long!

Published by Annabelle

I, Annabelle Peters, was born in Spelthorne, London's outskirts, to father, Bruce Surrey, London, and mother Evelyn, born in Mozambique, Africa and raised in Goa, India, both places which were under Portuguese rule. My sister Cristobel was born 3 and a half years later, in 1986. At the age of five, we moved to Sydney Australia, where we remained for 25 years. I attended highschool at Brigidine College St Ives, which I graduated from in 2001 and completed my Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Sydney in 2005, followed by the CPA Program in 2008. Growing up, we did a lot of travelling as a family, a trend which has so far continued for the rest of my life. I think the combination of my mixed origins, together with my father's lengthy and successful career in the travel industry have fueled my passion for travel. In July 2015, I made the decision to do what many Australians do: a stint in London, combining international work experience with travelling around Europe. This journey has taken me to many countries and I would love to share this experience with you all.

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