How to have an authentic food experience in Barcelona

Looking for something different to the standard fare served at your typical hotel buffet breakfast? Barcelona is a foodie haven, so why not eat your way around Barcelona? Land of churros, olives, olive oil, tapas and paella!


Start off at Las Ramblas where you can step into one of the many cafes for a coffee and a couple of the many different delicious pastries that can be found in Spanish cafes and bakeries.  Feel like a healthy breakfast? Stroll down to Las Ramblas where there is an abundance of fresh fruit, juices and smoothies, so stock up on fresh fruit and some juices! A large selection of fresh breads, cheeses (including Spain’s famous manchego cheese), as well as cured meats can be found there if you prefer something more substantial.

La Boqueria Markets; Las Ramblas

La Boqueria Markets; Las Ramblas

For lunch, there are several small tapas bars within La Boqueria where you can feast on tapas dishes such as croquettes, sardines, mackerel, meatballs, Spanish Omelette and tortillas. Spain, and Barcelona in particular, have fantastic seafood, so for a unique, seafood/alfresco dining experience, why not head over to Barcelonetta beach for lunch and feast on a sumptious seafood lunch at one of the many beachside cafes or restaurants. Many of them do 3 course specials for around EUR 30 (including drinks) which is very reasonably priced. Enjoy freshly cooked seafood and sip either sangria, Spanish wine or perhaps a freshly squeezed juice as you take in the gorgeous scenery.  When in Spain, you must try Sangria, a famous Spanish cocktail, with various versions, but the base consists of red wine, lemonade and topped with pieces of apple and orange. A chilled glass goes down like a treat after walking around in the hot Spanish sun.

Main course of grilled salmon fillet at Sal Cafe

Main course of grilled salmon fillet at Sal Cafe

For dinner, you may want to continue with the alfresco dining/seafood experience, or perhaps save it for another day and head back into town where you can enjoy paella, tapas or other Catalan dishes at one of the many restaurants in Barcelona’s city centre. Served in a cast iron pan, Paella is a Spanish rice dish which originated in Valencia and has several variants including meat and seafood and includes vegetables and herbs such as tomatoes, onion and peppers. It is delicious and steaming hot, however, bear in mind that one pan is usually enough for 2 people, unless you are extremely hungry!

Bomba paella; traditional Valencia style seafood paella

Bomba paella; traditional Valencia style seafood paella

There are several Turkish restaurants too, if you would like something a bit different. Don’t forget to round it off with a delicious Spanish dessert such as crema catalan (a Spanish version of creme brulee), churrros served with hot, thick chocolate sauce, or gelato.

Bon appetit!


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